Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kathman-DO or Kathman-DON'T

Well here we go! It's the night before we leave to begin the trek. Tomorrow morning we leave the comfort of our guesthouse and the craziness of Kathmandu for our flight to Lukla and the World's most dangerous runway. It's a small strip that starts at the edge of a cliff and runs uphill to help slow the plane down. I'll let you know what it was like on the next post. So, now is the last chance to pull out... Never! I spent yesterday walking around Kathmandu away from the tourist areas with Akke, Ike and Kate. We ended up at the monkey temple and had a blast (I'm a little tired and have had my first minor bout with GI distress, so the details will have to come later). I'll keep writing, but will have intermittent Internet access for a while, so keep checking back as I'll post when I can. Next stop 2800 m.

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