Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rest Day in Namche

Started the day with a webcam call to the girls back home. Was nice to catch up. Laurenne got a report card today and was exceeding expectations on nearly everything and got 59/60 on a dictee (spelling test), so they were celebrating with pizza and a movie. Needless to say they were more interested in the movie, but they hung around long enough for a view out the window to see the town. Colleen and I got to catch up a little, so it was still a great call.

We then had eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I got my neck scanned and had my saturation checked again. This time it read about 87, so we’re on the right track and I’ve noticed my ventilation increasing, but still going to need a big jump over the rest of today! I then did some typing away at the computer (catching up on the blog). Did some reading. And then Phil and I went into town. We had a coffee and a chocolate croissant at a coffee and pizza shop with Keith and Katie (great conversation) and then headed to the shops. We were after down booties and I decided I needed a bigger down jacket as it’s getting colder than I thought it would be (or at least I feel colder). I really should have made this purchase in Kathmandu as I had talked a guy down to 3000 rupees (about $45) from 7000 ($85). Well, today it cost me 7000 rupees for 2 pairs of down booties (one for Chris) and the jacket. Lesson learned! But I’d rather be warm and we did go into a shop where the guy wanted 40,000 rupees for a jacket ($500), but his was the real thing, not a Nepali made knock off!

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but more lounging around for me (some went off to a hospital in Kunde to do some cardiac measures on high altitude natives- a great study), others went for some hikes around the area, but I’m going to rest for tomorrow. We have a hard morning to Tengboche monetary and then an easier afternoon to Pengboche (easy according to Nema!).

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