Friday, 4 May 2012

Pengboche Rest Day

I can’t really call it a rest day. Nema, Kalden and Dawa (3 of our guides) offered to take whoever wanted to go up to the basecamp of Ama Dablam. This was basically 2 hrs straight up! (Okay first we went down to cross a river and then we went up and up and up). I managed the trek quite well (still, I was with the group of gazelles, so speed records for me). It was hard, but I’m so glad I went. I took the approach that I’d likely not get back to this area any time soon, if ever, so I’d better go. Again, Ama Dablam is just incredible. I hope one of the 100 photos I took turns out, so I can make a large picture to hang in the house. We managed to see a few parties climbing as well. One group was just about to summit. Nema was very excited to take us up, as he will be climbing Ama Dablam in October. Again, I can’t say enough about out guides. They have the perfect mix of humility, humour, strength, and encouragement. They type of people you would want as lifelong friends.

On the way down the “gazelles” decided they would run! It took us about 2 and half hours to get up and I heard that it took them 30 to get back to the guesthouse. I decided that my knee couldn’t take that kind of beating, so I just strolled home in about an hour. So glad I went!

I then had a hot shower, a nap, and some tea. Did a bit of reading and chatting with the group. There is a great mix of personalities and experiences, so conversations are easy.

Another surprise for the day is snow! It’s been hammering down all afternoon. We had great weather for the trip up to Ama Dablam, but it’s been nasty since. It’s even staying on the ground. Look at me complaining (sort of), but we are at 3850 m! Let’s hope that it disappears overnight, so the trek isn’t too wet.

We have a light day tomorrow (about 3 hours) to Pheriche. The plan is to then stagger our ascent to the Pyramid over the next few days in 3 groups. This will allow for us to ensure that the experiments can run smoothly and everyone will have the same acclimatization effects.

(We're now in Pheriche at 4270 m with slow internet. It may take me a while to get some photos posted. We will be here for a rest day tomorrow

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  1. Best wishes for all the members of the team!! Keep posting updates in the blog! Good luck!