Friday, 22 June 2012

A Photo Essay

Arrival Day!

A view of the Pyramid from above

Nima, one of our guides next to his photo of him on the summit of Everest

Busy place. Loads going on all the time... 14 hands at a minimum

Neck line processes

Good luck sleeping during the sleep studies!

Happy Birthday Sam... can't believe they made a cake without an oven!

Vascular function on high-altitude natives (one of our guides, Tsering)

Vascular function testing

Arterial line #57

Cardiac function on some high-altitude natives

Jugular line... no problem

Trans-esophageal thermister... not so fun.

Keaton Murphy (UBC undergrad student), drawing blood from his classmate Ryan Hoiland. Don't worry, Dr. David MacLeod is in the background supervising.

Echo Mike working hard to find my heart

Brain blood flow (yellow box), echocardiography (Echo Mike), blood samples (the white mat), ventilatory control (blue tube in my mouth)... An easy day!

I wasn't the only one who was sick!

Sunrise over Everest

Khumbu Glacier with base camp on the left- you can see loads of yellow tents

5600 m

Proof that I made it and a shot of the beard.

The Everest Massif- it's the black one in behind

Kala Patar with Everest in the background

All done!

The crew on the last day, right before we started to head down. 
How are we going to get this stuff back home?

No planes, no problem. Helicopters all around!

Leaving Lukla by helicopter

Agriculture. Everything is hard in the Himalaya!

A few of us got left behind on the first trip... the middle of nowhere (Lamidanda) and we weren't sure if anyone was coming back for us.

Coming back into Kathmandu via helicopter

Home with my little ladies (gotta have a down jacket from Nepal!)

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